Broadband: NIGCOMSAT Keen on Empowering Entrepreneurs


Broadband: NIGCOMSAT Keen on Empowering Entrepreneurs

By Supercomafrica, Gbola Isama

February 6, 2017

Abuja, Nigeria – Now that the dust had settled on the debate for the merger of Nigeria’s information communications technology institutions (ICT) with the ministry of communications rather than its science and technology counterpart, the ICT industry faces another challenge, and that of entrepreneurs that have the capacity to distribute and expand internet connectivity into the rural areas.

This was made known by the AGM NIGCOMSAT Business Office, Lagos, Ms. Ibiye Memberr during a courtesy visit to her office on Awolowo road, Ikoyi recently. Supercomafrica’s Engineer Gbola Isama was made to understand that the first hurdle on the connectivity issues in the country have been resolved; but the biggest challenge is making “Made in Nigeria” telecommunications services more attractive to local investors.

The AGM, Lagos described broadband technology as a major catalyst in making local connectivity services such as NIGCOMSAT, Galaxy Backbone, Terrestrial services very attractive. Ibiye explained that NIGCOMSAT already has the capacity, and not restricted by the rigors’ of the Right of Way issues in the Nigeria Broadband Plan of 2014, she says, “NIGCOMSAT is a satellite service, and has coverage over sub Saharan Africa, parts of Europe, Asia and a global coverage on the L-band.”

According to the AGM, Lagos, Ibiye Memberr, NIGCOMSAT is embracing the strategy to boost connectivity “Internet”, she explained that by convergence of connectivity solution providers and collocation of its active views, “NIGCOMSAT will in addition to its collocation with a major terrestrial operator, is taking advantage of its coverage capacity to further  increase connectivity within Nigeria and beyond”, which Engineer Gbola Isama believes is a major factor militating against quality user experience and effective services provisioning.

The AGM, Lagos, also said the collaboration of NIGCOMSAT and other national ICT institutions with the ministry of communications is a big step in the right direction that will surely increase local investor participation and provide affordable internet to the common man in Nigeria. She explained that NIGCOMSAT operates transponder lease and VSAT services on 3 satellite frequency bands, the C-band, KU-band & Ka-band, she says “the Ka-band has the newest technology that caters to the common man and will allow citizens to feel quality connectivity solutions in Nigeria.


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